Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions: if you do not find the answer here then please use our contact form and we will respond personally. We are happy to help.

Q: What decking vinyl products do you use?

To ensure you get durability and peace of mind we use only the best vinyl products on the UK market and these are Deck Lok and Brock Deck, made by Royal Crown. We also use Twinson. These high quality vinyl products can be viewed by downloading one of the product brochures below.

Q: What if the kids climb and swing on the railings – can they take it?

Customer safety is our first priority and all styles meet national safety standards, so all the family can be kept safe…even the big kids!

Q: Is the decking you use safe when wet?

We only use deck planks that have an outstanding slip-resistant embossed surface, well tested over years to prove that they are all-weather safe.

Q: Is it safe for us to go barefoot?

Unlike wood, our vinyl products don't splinter and they stay cool to the touch even on the hottest summer day.

Q: Wooden decks are notorious for shifting when the nails get rusty; how are your vinyl planks fixed?

A clever system, patented as 'Clip-Strip'®, has brought an end to this problem. The extremely strong metal Clip-Strip connector securely fastens the vinyl planks to your deck's substructure - which can be wood, aluminium or steel – and allows for the natural expansion and contraction of vinyl. The Clip-Strip system also stops vinyl squeaking against vinyl, and has the benefit of being completely hidden.

Q: Will your vinyl products change colour or crack with age?

In a word, no: Royal Crown Vinyl use 20% more sun protectant in manufacture than the industry standard demands to ensure colour stability, even in the long term. They also make sure that their vinyl won't warp, crack, chip or splinter, is easy to clean and never needs sealing or painting.

Q: What sort of fire risk do Royal Crown Vinyl products pose?

Be reassured that it's very hard to set fire to the products we use; the vinyl is flame-resistant and self-extinguishing, and vinyl poses no unusual health risks when burned.

Q: How do I care for my vinyl decking?

Although your decking is basically maintenance free, it doesn’t magic away dirt such as leaves, compost and spilled food that lands on it! Keeping it clean and free of extreme hazards is important to its life span. You can view a care and maintenance brochure by clicking here.

Q: In which area of the UK do you install decking and verandas?

We offer installations throughout the South West of England but we have done installations outside the region, and even abroad. But as with all businesses we have to ensure that working outside the South West region is viable. Contact us to discuss your location or installation if you are unsure.

Q: How do I know that I will get a quality installation?

We have a fully trained installation team at Summerdecks and all work and supervision is done by qualified builders with over 25 years of building knowledge and experience.

Q: What warranty does your decking have?

Our decking products have a 20 year warranty.

Q: What sort of prices can I expect to be charged?

Price is dependent on the size and materials used. We have done small jobs for a little as £1000 and we have large jobs that have cost £1,000s. We believe in offering you competitive prices so why not contact us today for a free consultation.

Q: What have your previous customers said about you?

You can read our Customer Testimonials & Reviews on our Testimonial page.



Want to know the facts about
our decking?

For enhancing the appearance and value of your property, there is nothing better than our deck and rail vinyl products. Compared with timber constructions, vinyl may cut as easily as wood, making traditional construction a possibility, but because it doesn't deteriorate like wood, or need to be painted, varnished or sealed (with environmentally unfriendly chemicals) to keep it looking good, it lasts years longer. This means that every year you just carry on saving money. And when at last you do replace you deck or veranda, it will be 100% recyclable and more than treated wood.


Freedom from worry

    Our attractive deck planks are grooved for efficient water drainage and to provide a safe and comfortable, slip-resistant surface – and what's more, unlike wood, they don't splinter and they don't reflect the sun's rays, remaining cool to the touch…perfect for bare feet!
  • Engineering excellence
    Our plank fence rails and deck planks are a single piece extrusion with support ribs for added strength and impact resistance. Ultraviolet inhibitors add to the durability and long life. Planks are held securely to the deck's under-structure in a patented process using our Clip-Strip or Snap Lock Plank Attachment System.


Environmentally friendly

    Unlike treated wood, there are no toxic chemicals in our decking, so it is safe for your family and pets and it's 100% recyclable.


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